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Online marketing the primary step in business evolution Posted April 4th 2008

Entrepreneurs who would like to expand their business operations and ventures will not go very far if they fail to establish online presence.

That being said, however, it is wise to exercise caution when selecting a service provider in this ultra competitive market suggests Abby Wakama, MD at Real Africa Netevolution (Pty) Ltd., a national digital marketing agency based in Gauteng.

The digital lifestyle/ marketing and multimedia space is increasing in size and also in competition says Wakama. “There are many service providers entering these key market segments, but not all have the experience, resources and technical expertise to offer a value-added service. The last thing a business or organization wants is a diluted or ineffective online presence.”


Wakama heads up a strong team of online experts who focus on providing a range of digital marketing services including online advertising, digital strategy consulting, web site design and development (incorporating hosting, presentation and domain registration), and content management.


The company has its roots in a modest web design business and sole propriety launched by Wakama in 2005.

“This business was primarily involved in establishing websites with a focus on interface design and hosting,” he says. “But the business quickly expanded and we began to close in on lucrative gaps in the market.”


Encouraged by the progress he had made and confident of his strategy to marry web design with the offerings of a comprehensive digital marketing house, Wakama left his brainchild in 2007 in search of further opportunities.

He was soon offered a position as project manager at a digital marketing agency called Stonewall Digital. During this time he worked directly on online marketing efforts and brand building for high profile brands such as DSTV and Investec and NEPAD.

The culmination of this experience, skill and business acumen was the formation of a new venture called Netevolution, a digital marketing agency focused almost exclusively on transferring the benefit of effective digital marketing strategy, incorporating online presence, to clients.


Wakama’s intention to build the business and establish it as a comprehensive digital marketing service provider as opposed to a web design house received a major boost with the announcement of a joint venture with Real Africa Brands Marketing in 2008.

This partnership resulted in the launch of Real Africa Netevolution (Pty) Ltd., with a structured service portfolio geared towards digital strategy formulation and implementation. 

Wakama says the business is positioned to offer newly established franchises and first time operators the chance to reinforce their foundations by acquiring online presence and the benefit of a digital marketing strategy to take advantage of multi-media, technology driven trade.


“This is the reality of the market in general today. It does not really matter what kind of operation is being launched or what the dynamics of the trade is, an online presence and digital marketing strategy is imperative to any credible business growth strategy and marketing plan. Real Africa Brands Marketing is an established and experience partner in the development and expansion of various brands to the local market. We are pleased to be in a position to leverage off- and capitalize on this experience and knowledge,” adds Wakama.


In order to entrench its offering within the market and secure additional business opportunity, management at Real Africa Netevolution (Pty) Ltd. has put in place a referral structure to facilitate lead generation and follow up.

“We are always looking for strategic partners that will offer additional value to clients by including our services to their respective product/ service suits. We have formed strategic partnerships with branding and design, advertising, marketing, communications and web hosting companies in the past and we are always looking to further strengthen these relationships and form new alliances going forward,” Wakama continues.


John Rogers, CEO at Real Africa Brands Holdings, said the formation and integration of Real Africa Netevolution (Pty) Ltd., was a significant development for the franchise operation and its association with Real Africa Brands Marketing was a strategic and very positive step in the growth and establishment of the young company.


:”Partnerships with effective operators is highly sought after in this market place. Digital marketing and the use of online solutions to drive sales and present a complete service through online presence is a must for any organisation. We are pleased to have Real Africa Netevolution (Pty) Ltd. as part of our brand and franchise portfolio,” says Rogers.

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Prove that your digital IQ is higher than that of a Primordia Soupolis Posted June 6th 2008

MydigitalIqDecision makers are only scratching the surface of the business-building benefit housed in digital or online marketing. This is the view of Abby Wakama, managing director at Real Africa Netevolution (Pty) Ltd., a national digital marketing agency based in Gauteng.

In a bid to improve general knowledge and appreciation of digital marketing Wakama and his team of experienced digital marketing and online specialists launched MYDIGITALIQ, an interactive online game that provides a platform for information exchange.



MYDIGITALIQ is a question/ answer game that allows the user to build his or her digital knowledge profile depending on the accuracy of response to a pre-selected set of questions that alternate.


These questions have been adopted from actual interviews conducted by Real Africa Netevolution (Pty) Ltd. with account managers, project managers and designers.


“MYDIGITALIQ is essentially a fun online survey that determines the level of your digital IQ. Users evolve from a cell called Primordia Soupolis to Majoria Geekolus (a Geek) by answering questions about online marketing presented in a tongue-in-cheek manner,” Wakama explains.


“We received several requests from our clients to educate their marketing teams about online marketing.  We also found that we had to educate new clients about online marketing in order for them to fully appreciate the online marketing strategies we proposed,” he continues.


The concept of MYDIGITALIQ was initially introduced by Real Africa Netevolution (Pty) Ltd to educate its clients. However, as Wakama confirms, the company believes it will benefit all marketing professionals, digital account managers and business people who want innovative ways to market their products/ services online.


“In general it meant for people trying to make sense of the internet and Web 2.0. The lack of adoption and application of digital marketing strategies has encouraged service providers competing in this space to come up with innovative and unique ways to demonstrate the power of digital marketing and the commercial advantage it can offer,” says Wakama.


“We believe that users tend to retain a lot more detail and information by engaging technology and using something fun and different as an information portal and interface,” he adds.


The game comes complete with a ‘send-to-a-friend’ button and users can also suggest new questions for the survey by sending an e-mail to


Real Africa Netevolution (Pty) Ltd. invites people to find out their digital IQ by clicking onto


Netevolution launches a new website for Nigeria’s top music video producer Posted July 12th 2008

Digital marketing agency, Netevolution recently launched a refreshed and revitalized website for Godfather Productions -


godfatherThe project was a close partnership with the marketing division of Godfather Productions in Nigeria to design a site that met strong brands requirements, and that ultimately pushed beyond the norm of a conventional film producer's website.

The interface design reflects a unique representation of the brand, its legacy and product, through the use of a visually-rich and high impact Video and Audio to ensure a rewarding visitor experience.



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